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Need a blog? I can create one for you. Have a blog, but can't find the time to keep it up to date? I solve that by creating your blog content and keeping it updated on a consistent basis.


I'll take your idea and turn it into reality by developing an app that looks great on any screen size.


I believe a website should be responsive, clean, beautiful, and efficient. My work ranges from portfolios to company websites, and everything in between.


If you have an idea for an app or a website, I'm here to listen. Let's work together and turn your vision into reality.

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Hello, my name is Angela Kosek...

I'm a web designer, developer, and project manager living in Fort Collins, Colorado. I work for an amazing company as the Director of Service Operations. In my free time I create and update websites, pro bono, for small businesses and non-profits in need.

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Responsive Web Design(Bootstrap, Wordpress, HTML, CSS)


Development(Ruby, Javascript, Backbone, Rails)





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Angela Kosek
Fort Collins, Colorado
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